Silverstone Classic


Regularly attended by 100,000 classic car fans but largely unknown outside motorsports enthusiasts, in 2016 Revolution was tasked with taking the Silverstone Classic from the motoring pages and introducing the event to a broader consumer lifestyle audience.


  • Leverage media coverage from the appearance of Freddie Hunt at the event in celebration of the 40th anniversary of his father James’ Formula 1 World Championship victory
  • Invite leading press contacts from key media outlets to experience the thrill of the high-octane racing and unprecedented all-areas-access for themselves.


Revolution helped the Silverstone Classic appear in an array of non-motoring press including:

  • 5 News
  • The Sunday Times Magazine
  • Gentleman’s Journal
  • The Arbuturian
  • Luxurious Magazine
  • The Telegraph
  • Square Mile
  • Huffington Post.